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Tangled Alliances

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Question!? [Sep. 22nd, 2007|09:25 am]
Tangled Alliances

[Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Since the Guild is getting a slight overhaul, do you want a new layout?

And Auli could you IM me as soon as possible? I need to talk to you about some stuff. You can find me on aim as wolfschen.

Thank you!
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Gomen [Sep. 13th, 2007|12:23 am]
Tangled Alliances

[Mood |sadsad]

Most of you probably didn't notice, but I just made Auli our guild master.  I'm quitting WoW (no surprise here, really.)
I haven't been giving the time and energy to WoW that is required to hold that title, and she'll be able to do everything that I can't.
Tangled Alliances has been a lot of things to me; It was a warm and welcoming home away from home when times got too troublesome or I just needed to relax.  It's kind of like... Cheers.  Everybody knew my name, I knew everybody.  I was there when we came over from Bloodhoof, I was there when it fell apart, and I was there to build it back up.  Hopefully, now, it's stronger and better than it was before.  I'm trusting Auli to make it great, so that you guys can get 1337 epics and delicious things while maintaining that friendly and welcoming environment.  Where friends can go, ne?
Hopefully in the future my financial and mental condition will stable out and I'll want to play again, and if I want to play again then I'll be back. 
Thanks for all your support, and keep having fun. Thats' what games are for, right?

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The Dances of Character [Jun. 9th, 2007|11:05 am]
Tangled Alliances

I was bored and found this.

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So, It's been a long time coming... [Jun. 6th, 2007|08:08 am]
Tangled Alliances

[Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]


The Tangled Alliance Community finally has a proper layout!

Let me know what you think guys, I'm glad it's here and done now. :3

Remember, Isshi loves you.

EDIT: The best way to view it is to turn off that stupid navigation bar. I'm fixing to color it the same as our background so it won't be so hidious. >_<

Annnnnd done!
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Prizes? Don't mind if I do! [Jun. 4th, 2007|02:01 am]
Tangled Alliances

First however:

Monday's event is going to be a treasure hunt!
First person to find the hidden body wins
As usual, the clues will be split up into three brackets (1-39, 40-59, 60+). The meeting will begin after the parade in Stormwind, at which point I'll hand out the first set of clues. You will receive the second set of clues after you get to the place that the first set of clues alludes to, and so on. The fourth set of clues will be the same across all brackets, and will lead to the final resting place of a dear departed character. Whoever reaches the body first will receive a prize in each bracket.


First, there's a prize category called Pick A Prize. Auli and I have gathered random prizes the past day or so, and you'll get to pick your choice of those if you win a competition that is Pick A Prize. ^_^ They go from the useful (stack of flash powder, vials, herbs) to random gear (couldn't do much about the usefulness of these, but you know), to random non-combat pets. If you win one of these competitions, a list will be provided to you.

On to the prizes!

Character Recruitment
Prize One - Firey

Treasure Hunt
1-39 Bracket Prize - Pick A Prize
40-60 Prize - Pick A Prize
60+ Prize - Pick A Prize

Gathering Race
Bracket One Prize Herbalism - Herb Enchant
Bracket One Prize Mining - Mining Enchant
Bracket One Prize Skinning - Skinning Enchant
Bracket Two Prize Herbalism - 16 slot bag
Bracket Two Prize Mining - 16 slot bag
Bracket Two Prize Skinning - 16 slot bag
Bracket Three Prize Herbalism - 20 slot herbalism bag
Bracket Three Prize Mining - 20 slot mining bag
Bracket Three Prize Skinning - imbued netherweave bag

Amazing Deadmines Plunder
Solo Prize - Parrot
Solo Runner-up - Savory Deviate Delights
Group Prize - Mechanical Squirrels
Group Runner-up - Red Swashbuckler's shirt

Scavenger Hunt
Prize - Pick A Prize
Runner-up - Pick A Prize

PVP - To Be Announced!
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Recruitment Week 2007! [May. 31st, 2007|10:20 pm]
Tangled Alliances

Hello fellow Tangled Alliancians!
In an allusion to the title of this post, I am pleased to announce:

Tangled Alliance Recruitment Week 2007!!!!!!
June 4-8, 2007

Each day will be filled with fun activities beginning at 8:30 EST (5:30 PST):

All week we will be taking a tally of the levels that you recruit. As in, if you recruit a level 10 character, 10 points! A level 40 character, 40 points! 70? 70 points! 1? 1 point (you slacker!) Prize to the most!

Monday will be teh debut of the new Tangled Alliance layout, as well as a parade. After that? Waiting for inspiration, but it will be grand i promise you.

Tuesday is going to be the Great Azerothian Gathering Race! If you have elite skills in any of the three gathering professions (mining, skinning, herbalism) you will race with others of like level and profession to see who can gather the most within a set time limit! If you are

  • Level 1-39: You will be racing around Elwynn Forest!

  • Level 40-59: Your steed shall bear you around the jungle of Stranglethorn Vale!

  • Level 60+: Your epic mount will have you racing across the snowy plains of Winterspring!

There will be nine prizes, one for each profession in each bracket. Get those skills up!

Wednesday will be the Amazing Dead Mines Plunder! If you are brave enough, dare the dungeons of the Dead Mines. Wipe the instance, destroy the bosses, and come out the other side the fastest! Bring with you the b.o.p. drop you get from each boss, and don't forget Cookie!

  • There will, of course, be two brackets for this one. If you are level 49 or lower, you can join up with 4 guildmates and have a turn! 50+, you're on your own.

  • First and runner up prizes for each of the brackets!

Thursday is going to be a scavenger hunt! If you have any ideas of game-wide items to procure, please let me know before Tuesday, when the final list will be compiled. This list will be posted, here, when the hunt is to begin. First place and runner-up prize to be awarded!

Friday is going to be Gano's favorite :P We're going to have a duel match, hopefully with new guildies to test out their skills and gear and to see where we need to improve, where they need to improve... hell. Just to beat each other up. Depending on who shows, there may be tiers so that we don't put a level 30 against Aulistria or something. More details will be forthcoming!

Remember, enjoy your guild ^_^ Games are for fun. Fight for the win.

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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2007|10:32 pm]
Tangled Alliances

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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2007|01:05 am]
Tangled Alliances


Level Achievements:

Yogensha - 60!
Karoo - 60!
Alunas - 50!
Garatheblack - 40!
Elith - 40!

Keep levelling :D I like having members over lvl 40 :P
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Introducing: Tangled Bucks! [Feb. 24th, 2007|12:30 am]
Tangled Alliances


The guild bank has been introduced!

Ginkou has been created in order to service your banking needs.
Starting the day before yesterday, he has been collecting unwanted items from stacks of cloth/metal/ore/enchanting supplies, to greens and other drops.
You can obtain Tangled Bucks by donating items, any items, to Ginkou, who will in turn give you a set amount of Tangled Bucks for them.  Depending on the item, they will be vendored (crappy pally greens that nobody ever wants), put up in the Auction House, or - if exceptionally amazing - hold on to them until someone in the guild would choose to turn in their collected Tangled Bucks to purchase them ^_^ The money that Ginkou collects will be used to fund several ventures, such as guild sponsored birthday presents, mount/training charitable donations, and random acts of senseless kindness :P

Purchaseables! (the important part)

One of the bigger reasons for starting Tangled Bucks at this time is to help lower level characters purchase runs through instances such as Dead Mines and Stockades. It's an incentive for higher level players to help out and build community participation ^_^ Each instance has a set amount of TB designated to it. Let's illustrate this:

Deadmines. Five players. You're level 15 and you want to purchase a run from me, a level 68.  It's just you and I on the run. Deadmines costs 1 TB a slot for higher up players, so since I would be filling four slots, there would be a transfer of 4 TB from your TB account to mine. If you and another level 16 friend want to run Deadmines, I would be filling three slots, and the cost would be split between the two of you (as long as they were a guildie). If the other lower level player isn't a guildie, the entire three slot cost (3 TB) would be carried by you.  If there are two higher level players helping two lower level players, the two higher players would split the reward (3 empty slots means 3 TB which means 1.5 TB each) and the two lower level players would split payment (3 empty slots means paying 3 TB between two players, which means each would pay 1.5 TB each).

Does this make sense? If not, just message me or Alunas and we'll be able to help you I hope :D

Here's the rates!
Rates!Collapse )

And here are the returns for stacks of items/supplies.
OMG too much info look only if you need it.Collapse )

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Coming this afternoon! [Feb. 23rd, 2007|01:12 pm]
Tangled Alliances

[Mood |chipperchipper]

Here's teasers for the exciting new Tangled Alliance developments occuring this afternoon!!!!!!eleven

1. What the hell are Tangled Bucks? How do I earn them? What can I use them for? The full story, revealed later today.

2. Vent?! FOR REAL?! After an exciting beta period, a TA Vent Server (official!) will be launched this evening (aka when Symtrax gets around to it). More details forthcoming!

3. Recognition! Several members have reached landmark levels lately: Fancy post to celebrate those achievements when I'm not stuck at work on crappy computers without fanciness.

4. If you're wondering when the Comm will look more WoW-ish and less high school cool emo goth, our wonderful Garatheblack! is currently working on a fancy-ish layout for this cool club.

Signing off with a song
Your Lord And Master,
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