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Introducing: Tangled Bucks! [Feb. 24th, 2007|12:30 am]
Tangled Alliances



The guild bank has been introduced!

Ginkou has been created in order to service your banking needs.
Starting the day before yesterday, he has been collecting unwanted items from stacks of cloth/metal/ore/enchanting supplies, to greens and other drops.
You can obtain Tangled Bucks by donating items, any items, to Ginkou, who will in turn give you a set amount of Tangled Bucks for them.  Depending on the item, they will be vendored (crappy pally greens that nobody ever wants), put up in the Auction House, or - if exceptionally amazing - hold on to them until someone in the guild would choose to turn in their collected Tangled Bucks to purchase them ^_^ The money that Ginkou collects will be used to fund several ventures, such as guild sponsored birthday presents, mount/training charitable donations, and random acts of senseless kindness :P

Purchaseables! (the important part)

One of the bigger reasons for starting Tangled Bucks at this time is to help lower level characters purchase runs through instances such as Dead Mines and Stockades. It's an incentive for higher level players to help out and build community participation ^_^ Each instance has a set amount of TB designated to it. Let's illustrate this:

Deadmines. Five players. You're level 15 and you want to purchase a run from me, a level 68.  It's just you and I on the run. Deadmines costs 1 TB a slot for higher up players, so since I would be filling four slots, there would be a transfer of 4 TB from your TB account to mine. If you and another level 16 friend want to run Deadmines, I would be filling three slots, and the cost would be split between the two of you (as long as they were a guildie). If the other lower level player isn't a guildie, the entire three slot cost (3 TB) would be carried by you.  If there are two higher level players helping two lower level players, the two higher players would split the reward (3 empty slots means 3 TB which means 1.5 TB each) and the two lower level players would split payment (3 empty slots means paying 3 TB between two players, which means each would pay 1.5 TB each).

Does this make sense? If not, just message me or Alunas and we'll be able to help you I hope :D

Here's the rates!

Deadmines = 1 TB a slot
Wailing Caverns = 1 TB a slot
Stockades = .5 TB a slot
Blackfathom Depths = 2 a slot
Shadowfang Keep = 2 a slot
Gnomeregan = 7 a slot
Scarlet Monastery = 5 a slot 
Maradon = 6 a slot
Uldaman = 6 a slot
Razorfen Downs = 7 a slot
Zul Furrak =  9 a slot
Sunken Temple = 10 a slot

And here are the returns for stacks of items/supplies.

Cloth (per stack):  Ginkou only needs two stacks at  a time, so we'll let you know when our reserve has been depleted.

Linen = 1 Tangled Buck
Wool = 3 Tangled Buck
Silk = 2 Tangled Buck
Mageweave = 5 Tangled Buck
Runecloth = 6 Tangled Buck
Felcloth = 10 Tangled Buck
Netherweave = 8 Tangled Buck

Metal (per stack):

Copper = 1 Tangled Buck
Tin = 2 Tangled Bucks
Bronze = 2 Tangled Bucks
Silver = 4 Tangled Bucks
Iron = 3 Tangled Bucks
Gold = 5 Tangled Bucks
Mithril = 7 Tangled Bucks
Truesilver = 8 Tangled Bucks
Thorium = 15 Tangled Bucks


Malachite (5) = 1.25 Tangled Bucks
Tigerseye (5) = .50 Tangled Bucks
Shadowgem (5) = 1 Tangled Buck
Citrine (1) = 1.25 Tangled Bucks
Aquamarine (1) = 1.50 Tangled Bucks
Jade (1) = 2.15 Tangled Bucks
Azerothian Diamond (1) = 9.50 Tangled Bucks
Star Ruby (1) = 2.45 Tangled Bucks
Arcane Crystal (1) = 8 Tangled Bucks
Any others will be considered at AH value per TB on a case by case basis.

Coming Soon

Enchanting Supplies:

Strange Dust (20) = 2 Tangled Bucks
Soul Dust (20) = 3 Tangled Bucks
Vision Dust (20) = 6.25 Tangled Bucks
Dream Dust (20) = 14 Tangled Bucks
Arcane Dust (20) = 35 Tangled Bucks
Illusion Dust (20) = 30 Tangled Bucks


Large Glowing = 2 Tangled Bucks
Small Radiant = 7 Tangled Bucks
Large Radiant = 10 Tangled Bucks
Small Glimmering = .5 Tangled Bucks
Large Glimmering = 1.5 Tangled Bucks
Small Brilliant = 2 Tangled Bucks
Large Brilliant = 9.5 Tangled Bucks
Large Prismatic = 15 Tangled Bucks
Small Prismatic = 4 Tangled Bucks
Nexus Crystal = 4.5 Tangled Bucks


Undeath = 2.5 Tangled Bucks
Earth = 6 Tangled Bucks
Fire = 8 Tangled Bucks
Water = 8 Tangled Bucks
Air = 15.5 Tangled Bucks
Greater Astral = 1.75 Tangled Bucks
Mystic = 1 Tangled Buck
Eternal = 10.5 Tangled Bucks
Nether = 4 Tangled Bucks


Light Leather = .75 Tangled Bucks
Medium = 1 Tangled Buck
Heavy = 1.75 Tangled Bucks
Thich = 2 Tangled Bucks
Rugged = 3.5 Tangled Bucks


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