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Prizes? Don't mind if I do! - Tangled Alliance [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Prizes? Don't mind if I do! [Jun. 4th, 2007|02:01 am]
Tangled Alliances


First however:

Monday's event is going to be a treasure hunt!
First person to find the hidden body wins
As usual, the clues will be split up into three brackets (1-39, 40-59, 60+). The meeting will begin after the parade in Stormwind, at which point I'll hand out the first set of clues. You will receive the second set of clues after you get to the place that the first set of clues alludes to, and so on. The fourth set of clues will be the same across all brackets, and will lead to the final resting place of a dear departed character. Whoever reaches the body first will receive a prize in each bracket.


First, there's a prize category called Pick A Prize. Auli and I have gathered random prizes the past day or so, and you'll get to pick your choice of those if you win a competition that is Pick A Prize. ^_^ They go from the useful (stack of flash powder, vials, herbs) to random gear (couldn't do much about the usefulness of these, but you know), to random non-combat pets. If you win one of these competitions, a list will be provided to you.

On to the prizes!

Character Recruitment
Prize One - Firey

Treasure Hunt
1-39 Bracket Prize - Pick A Prize
40-60 Prize - Pick A Prize
60+ Prize - Pick A Prize

Gathering Race
Bracket One Prize Herbalism - Herb Enchant
Bracket One Prize Mining - Mining Enchant
Bracket One Prize Skinning - Skinning Enchant
Bracket Two Prize Herbalism - 16 slot bag
Bracket Two Prize Mining - 16 slot bag
Bracket Two Prize Skinning - 16 slot bag
Bracket Three Prize Herbalism - 20 slot herbalism bag
Bracket Three Prize Mining - 20 slot mining bag
Bracket Three Prize Skinning - imbued netherweave bag

Amazing Deadmines Plunder
Solo Prize - Parrot
Solo Runner-up - Savory Deviate Delights
Group Prize - Mechanical Squirrels
Group Runner-up - Red Swashbuckler's shirt

Scavenger Hunt
Prize - Pick A Prize
Runner-up - Pick A Prize

PVP - To Be Announced!